SEO Autopilot Review 2023- Best Automated Link Building Software

Our SEO Autopilot review will explain why it is the leading search engine optimization software. It uses the most advanced and cutting edge technology, which creates top-notch backlinks on authority websites on autopilot. If you want to rank any website or video in any niche, SEO Autopilot software is the answer. It automates your SEO strategy to rank on the searches.

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The mastermind behind this resourceful automation SEO tool is Elias Livadares. Who developed this software with other two talented programmers, with an SEO perspective in mind. With continuous change in algorithms, you need to keep up with your website SEO and this Seo Autopilot software saves a lot of your precious time.

How does it work?

SEO Autopilot stands true to its name – to help you create high-quality accounts on almost all of the high-authority websites such as WordPress, Medium, Weebly, and Tumblr, to name a few. It does all the work, such as:

  • Create accounts across various platforms
  • Post contents to blogs
  • Content can contain images and videos
  • Randomly creates valuable authority links

This SEO automation tool will create accounts like a wonder on any platform you name it and SEO autopilot will do it. Not only this but posting content on your blog with images and videos will be a piece of cake with SEO autopilot software.

Since it is autopilot, you don’t need to post the content one by one manually. All you need to do is to set it up and watch before your very eyes hundreds of links built and tiered the way you want them. Thus, it explains why it is tagged as the best SEO software on the planet. SEOs develop it for SEOs.

Seo Auto-Pilot dashboard is made up of basically main tabs like the accounts tabs, profiles tab, the settings, the reporting system, the diagram editor, campaign wizard, and so on. Let us take a look at what is inside SEO Autopilot.

Accounts & Profiles Tabs of Seo Autopilot:

All the accounts credentials that are being created by the Seo autopilot tool are stored in the account tab. Whereas all the emails that the tool will use to create all the accounts are being held in the profiles tab of SEO software.

Settings Tab of the Seo Autopilot:

You can see some general settings about the daily display for submission and the email verification delays in the settings of the software. We recommend you to use US-based dedicated proxies with Seo autopilot because they work best among others proxies.

To rank high in search engines, you need to build high-quality backlinks from authority sources. With SEO Autopilot, you can get high-quality backlinks from authority sources for you as well as your client’s websites. You can also build natural link profiles. You will gain valuable backlinks from:

  • Authority Websites
  • Authority Web 2.0 Blogs
  • PDF uploads
  • .Edu websites
  • Forum profiles
  • Social profiles
  • Social bookmarking
  • PBN backlinks
  • Article Directory and Social Blogging
  • .Gov backlinks (not yet available)
  • URL shorteners

Since you all are aware that how much diversity in anchor text is crucial to Seo. Seo autopilot software lets you decide the primary keywords and their percentage as well.

I will explain this further with this example if you want to work with 15% keyword density then put the primary keywords 15 times. Doing this will indicates the software to use those targeted keywords after every 150 keywords which will ensure the safety of your campaign and link profile creation. This SEO automation tool provides you with diversification luxury.

Seo autopilot software could also be commanded with a specific percentage of keywords according to your needs. For maximum link diversity, SEO Autopilot uses ten types of keywords as anchor text which include:

  1. Primary
  2. Generic
  3. Bold
  4. Branded
  5. Partial match
  6. Plain URLs
  7. Domain as anchor
  8. Text URLs
  9. Italic
  10. Authority links

It is one of the distinct features of SEO Autopilot. With the link matching feature, you can easily assign specific keywords to a particular URL, enabling you to create a more accurate link profile to any URL, control the diversity of anchor text, and makes sure that your URL will not be over-optimized. This remarkable feature has made things easy for long-term SEO strategies as well as short term SEO strategies.

By far you have seen how SEO Autopilot effectively diversifies your content for Seo. Only this tool delivers a safe and natural look.

The Authority link feature of this SEO software adds an extra backlink to any of your posts thus raising its value. No matter which option you choose between web tool platforms, web tool profiles, PDF uploads.

Advanced SEO Strategies

The SEO strategies you use can make or break your site, so it is essential to plan your SEO strategy carefully. There is also an advanced campaign creation option in this sophisticated SEO tool. SEO Autopilot uses an advanced search engine optimization strategy module – Keyword Percentages. SEO Autopilot gives you full control over the creation of your link profile, enabling you to plan both short-term and long-term SEO strategy.

All you have to do in an advanced dashboard is to give a company name, select the likely diagram for instance Medusa, and click next. This advance campaign creation is what makes SEO autopilot so unique from other SEO software. You see, this tool gives you the leverage in advance section to select which types of keywords of anchor text you want to use and their percentages as well.

High Success Rate for Submissions

SEO Autopilot’s average success rate for all link groups is 92%, which is the best percentage today. The software regularly runs campaigns and tests to ensure that all websites are functioning as they should be. New quality websites are added every week, along with weekly software updates.

Duplicate Protection

The majority of link building tools post the same keyword and URL more than once in a single article. It does no good for your SEO. Although there is no penalty for duplicate content, it can burn a crawl budget and dilute signals. SEO Autopilot, being a smart software, makes use of the Real Duplicate Protection Algorithm, making sure that each article has unique keywords and links.

White Label Reports

A link building report is a must, whether you are a freelance SEO, an SEO agency, or someone offering gigs in Fiverr. SEO Autopilot lets you create top-notch white-label reports with just a click. After a campaign this tool allows you to export all the links and white label them along with adding YOUR NAME OR LOGO OR YOUR WEBSITE. And sending it directly to the clients. The white-label report consists of the following:

  • Domain authority
  • Website link source
  • Landing page
  • Keyword usage for a particular landing page

Account Protection

SEO Autopilot binds your account with a particular proxy to prevent your site from being banned. It also has an advanced posting algorithm, so your articles stay alive for a specific period of time.

Custom Diagram Editor

The utmost important feature of SEO pilot is the diagram editor. SEO Autopilot Diagram Editor gives you the floor to create exceptional diagrams with unlimited tiers. It gives you full control over the link sources you are planning to use. This is the floor where you can create your very own SEO strategy according to your needs. This tab is also loaded with pre-made diagrams and strategies designed by SEO experts that you can use for better Seo.

Wizardy of Campign Wizard Tab:

Campaign wizard of SEO pilot software assists you in making campaigns in just 3 minutes. This smart feature of refined SEO autopilot software will provide you with advanced campaigns along with promising quality backlinks. This wizard tool separates website types into three categories newbie website, middle-aged website, and established website.

Click next and select or create your desired strategy from the diagram, your keywords, select the account profiles, the content you need. If you want to add images and videos there is also a multi-media option in the SEO autopilot software. After this you can choose either how many days you want the software to run or instant posting; it entirely depends on your need. Click okay then save and your work is done; now it’s all up to SEO autopilot software to work its magic.

Third-Party API Integration

Third-party APIs can be utilized as captcha solver, a spinner, index services. SEO Autopilot has integrated free and premium third-party services giving you full control and power to your site. These include the following:

• Premium services – captcha solving, article builders, and premium indexers and spinners.
• Free services – free article spinner, free article builder for content

PBN Hosting and Management

PBN Hosting – It lets you create as many web 2.0 PBNs as you need using high DA web 2.0’s assets. It is beneficial for creating small, medium, or vast web 2.0’s PBN. Plus, it has a folder feature to easily organize your account presents by PBN, client, or niche. To create your profile, you can use the premium default domain or build your domain for a better outcome.

PBN Management – Have full control in managing your PBN with SEO Autopilot. You can easily import your expired high DP/PA web 2.0 accounts on SEO autopilot and manage them using a single campaign. You can easily add or remove web 2.0’s you no longer need with just a button click.

PBN Authority Increment – Improve the authority of your PBN with the help of a DSA (Domain Authority Stacking) Diagram. Such a feature lets you transfer a high amount of link juice from lower tiers to money sites and expect the DA to improve quickly.

Video Ranking

Seo Auto-Pilot pilot video ranking feature creates around 80 to 100 different youtube video URL with variations on any video link that you put in. All those links can be used for your link building campaigns. Ranking on Youtube, Google, and Google SERP is extremely effective with this feature of SEO auto-pilot software. All you need to do is to choose the video ranking feature, key in your video id, click create, and the software will create over a hundred video URL variations and immediately put them on the money site field. Choose a powerful video promotion diagram, adjust the strategy according to your needs, start a campaign, and let the software handle all the hard work.

Local SEO Ranking

SEO Autopilot has an embed map feature, which helps rank your client’s local business on the listings on Google Maps. Local SEO is a big help in marketing a local business. Businesses can easily promote their products and services to local customers when searching for them. SEO Autopilot lets you create enticing and multimedia-rich posts to authority websites, including variations on an Embed Map of the local business. You can s

Why should you choose SEO Autopilot over other software?

What sets SEO Autopilot apart from other software is its unique features which include the following:

  • Advanced automation algorithms
  • Instantly calculates the diversity of links and keywords for search engine algorithms.
  • Provides task scheduling (instant posting, post-per-day, days to run, and advanced scheduler).
  • High domain authority sites – A vast database of high-quality domain sites, which significantly boost the visibility, authority, and credibility of your websites
  • Earn quality backlinks from top authority sites.
  • Get high search engine result ranking.
  • Improve your DA/PA.
  • Local SEO rankings – SEO Autopilot has an Embed Map feature helping local businesses to rank on Google Maps Listings. You will be visible on SERPs and be able to create a top-notch post to authority sites.
  • Account protection with particular proxies – SEO Autopilot has Advanced Account Protection and Posting Algorithm to see to it that your accounts are activated for some time and prevent your accounts from getting banned.
  • Shortcodes – Choose the exact p keyword and backlink positions in the articles. It has shortcodes for keywords – primary, generic, branded, and partial match keywords, URLs, text URLs, YouTube videos, domain as an anchor, images, and Google Embed Maps.
  • Real Duplicate protection algorithm – The duplicate protection algorithm provides distinct links and keywords, thus, preventing Google from flagging your site as spam.
  • Auto link diversity –SEO Autopilot has a massive database of quality domain authority sites from various sources to create a natural link profile.
  • Advanced link matching feature – It lets you easily match particular keywords to particular URLs.
  • Advanced SEO strategies – Such a feature lets you come up with a quality backlink profile.
  • Video ranking feature – With this feature, ranking YouTube videos on YouTube’s internal search engine and Google SERPs won’t be a problem.
  • Free premium spinner – With its free premium spinner feature, you can quickly come up with unique articles. With just a single click, you can make your old article look brand-new – all in only one click.
  • Unique settings per group – another great thing about SEO Autopilot is it lets you customize each link group for each tier, helping you create varied multimedia-rich articles.
  • White-label reports – Easy creation of white-label reports using new backlinks and export in a tier level 1. It includes the landing page, website used, DA, and the link or anchor type used.
  • Account creation to post in autopilot – it has free premium domains for creating account and profile. All works on autopilot. Just create an account preset, select the default profile, and SEO Autopilot will take care of the rest – account creation, solving the captcha, verifying of email, creating blogs, and posting of articles.
  • Design your link scheme – SEO Autopilot has a built-in diagram editor that you can use to create your link building scheme.

Advantages of SEO Autopilot

• Top-notch backlinks
• Up-to-date Google ReCaptcha Support
• Link diversity sources
• Advanced search engine optimization strategies
• Instant account creation
• Distinct settings per group
• Flexible, versatile, and DIY link scheme
• White Label Reports
• Easy to navigate interface
• Reposting to the same accounts
• Compatible on both windows and mac
• Distinct settings for each account group
• Great support team
• High-quality and high-domain platforms
• Video ranking features for different sites such as YouTube

What are some of the challenges associated with using SEO Autopilot Software?

The general features are easy to use, but most beginners find it challenging to use some of its features. The installation may take some time, but these are minor issues. You’ll eventually get the hang of it and soon enjoy all the advantages SEO Autopilot software offers.

Price Evaluation of Seo AutoPilot Software:

I am sure I have pretty much explained SEO AutoPilot as much as I can but seeing is better so why not check out this software exclusive features in the free trial. I am sure you will love it. Seo auto-pilot is what it says and delivers the best automation of SEO. You can start with only $1 for a day and can move up to a monthly subscription as it seems fit.

Seo AutoPilot offers a convenient package that starts with $7 for 7 days. The monthly plan of this software costs you $99 and if you want to have a life-time subscription then you can get it for $1897. Seo auto-pilot offers you the following services in this plan:

  • 2 PC Activations
  • Seo Autopilot Indexer
  • White Label Reporting
  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Social Bookmarking Tier 2+
  • URL Shorteners
  • Authority Links
  • Edu Website
  • PDF Upload Websites
  • Wiki Websites
  • Forum Profiles
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 Profiles

You can get up to 30% commission in referral for each license purchase in Seo Autopilot software.


This review of Seo Autopilot Software covers almost every single thing about its benefits. Questions like What Seo Autopilot is? How does it operate? What makes it so special among other SEO Softwares? Why must you own it? How costly is it?

I hope I have answered all the above-mentioned queries and eliminated all your doubts regarding this SEO Software. The following list is the: reasons why must you should seek out Seo Autopilot Software?

  • This tool maximizes diversity by using up to 10 different types of keywords
  • Seo auto-pilot always go for the high domain authority sites
  • A fixed percentage of keywords usage in Auto Link Booster Diversity Feature.
  • Promised unique keywords and links with articles with the help of duplicate protection algorithm of SEO AutoPilot.
  • A tool for obtaining high quality backlinks
  • Only a push of a button enables you to create and manage high DA web for PBN
  • Seo AutoPilot facilitates you with free premium indexer for instant backlink indexing
  • Guaranteed high ranking for video with video ranking feature of this best Seo tool
  • Seo autopilot also provides you with high local Seo ranking with its Embed Map Feature
  • You can use accounts with specific proxies to avoid bans
  • This tool offers an advance link matching feature

Overall, SEO Autopilot (SEOAP), is a great all-around link building tool with enough options to customize your projects and repeat them for months.

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