RSS Masher Technology Review

In this RSS Masher Technology review we have exclusive news for the rookie and professional bloggers out there. How would you feel to know that you can do professional blogging without carrying out nerve-wracking research of trendy topics along with excluding all the hard work in writing one?

Presenting you the show stopper of the blogging industry RSS Masher Technology. And you know what the best part of it is… You don’t have to do ANYTHING!

In today’s time period presenting & promoting yourself are the basics of survival in the business industry. One of the many tactics, creating a blog has been far more effective in promoting yourself. Writing an article for a blog is difficult and finding topics is even more of a challenge.

Why Was RSS Masher Created?

The stats do not lie- in online marketing, content is the indisputable king. To be successful and wealthy through online marketing, you need to have the right content. And this doesn’t only apply to the big brands; small and upcoming businesses can benefit greatly from content marketing.

The bottom line here is, if you want to succeed in online marketing, you will need to have A LOT of great content.

All factors remaining constant, the more right content you have on your site, the more chances of :

    • Closing down more sales.
    • Generating more leads.
    • Getting more subscribers to your email lists.
    • Getting more followers on social media platforms.
    • Getting better and high-quality backlinks to help your site rank higher.
    • Becoming an authority website in your niche, and thus people will trust you.

A lot of great content comes from “Blogging”

What is a blog & what blogging means? I will explain it briefly to you so that you know Why RSS Masher Technology is a lifesaver?

A ‘Blog’ is an online platform where different people share information and communicate with each other. Over time, a blog has become a way of promoting your business or service by writing articles over the related keywords for your business. Thus the initial goal is to drive traffic to your website.

You all know that blogs are showcased for many reasons and the most important one among them is ‘increasing your visibility’. It is an effective way of grabbing attention and new consumers for your new startup business.

The frequent and good blog posts raise the chances of being seen by the target audience. Blogging is a set of skill tools you require to make a blog. This set of skills kit includes writing, posting, linking, and sharing.

Now you see that blogging plays a crucial role in promoting your business or service. But blogging is a real piece of work; writing frequent articles, researching trendy titles requires a lot of hard work and time, not to mention patience.

But I am presenting you with a premier solution to today’s blogging problems. Behold RSS Masher Technology.

Do you see how great content can open doors for you?

The right content also portrays you as an expert in your specific area.
However, creating content from scratch is a lot of work. If you don’t want to spend time and create the content yourself, you have to hire a team of freelancers, which means you will have to dig deep into your pocket.

But now, with the right tool, you don’t have to spend money or a lot of time creating content. It doesn’t matter whether you want web content, social media content, or marketing content; you can now create great content consistently thanks to RSS Masher.

This software was designed for marketers who are looking to automate the process of creating content for their marketing needs.
Want to learn more about it? Here is our exhaustive RSS Masher review.

What Is RSS Masher?

Created by Wayne Atkinson and Damon Nelson, RSS Masher is a revolutionary software that is meant to automate the process of creating content. Professional AUTO BLOGGING, done in a few steps by RSS masher. This set-and-forget software makes it possible for people to build and maintain large news sites with ease without having to create content from scratch. Fresh and trendy content will always be a few clicks away from you.

In addition to being a content-creating software, RSS Masher also enables you to build backlinks to help your website rank high. It is a great time-saver as once you set this software, it will be creating and posting content on your site without your intervention.

You can add your own anchor texts to any news feed and money hooks. All you need to do is schedule posts and add social media backlinks. Set it and relax, and enjoy the show.

Features and Benefits of RSS Masher Technology

– Fresh Content

You can expect an auto fresh stream of content on any social media platform that you desire with RSS Masher. You will be curating content from the most popular RSS feeds and niche sites. This means that any content that is posted on these news feeds and is relevant to your niche will automatically be curated and scheduled to be posted on your site and/or social media accounts as well. This means that you will always have a fresh stream of content on your site.

– Set-and-forget system

RSS Masher has a scheduling feature. RESEARCH, BUILD AND SCHEDULE are the “ready set go” combo of RSS masher. All you have to do is to research the niche sites and news feeds you would like to get content from and then build the rules of extracting content. You then set the number of times you want this software to post on your platform.
After this is done, the system will be doing the hard work on your behalf. In other words, RSS Masher allows you to run an auto-blog.

– Money Hook Technology:

Requires web traffic to a money site, not a problem anymore. If you have your own products or have an affiliate site that requires traffic, you can build powerful ads that are incorporated into the articles. This will ensure more traffic is sent to your money-making site.

– Anchor text linking

Would you want to create internal links within your site or even link to your other external sites? You can do this easily with the help of this feature. All you have to do is to select the words you want to hyperlink in your articles and the destination URL. Anytime these words appear in an article, they will be magically are hyperlinked by RSS masher technology.

– Ultimate Backlink builder

Add different social media accounts to RSS Masher so that the system can post content to them with a link to your latest post. This will help to create tier 1 backlinks that will help you appear trustworthy in the eyes of Google.

With multiple social media accounts, the software will auto-post your article on each one of them.

– Turbo post scheduler

The post scheduler acts like your virtual employee that works 24/7 for your business with no pay. With RSS Masher post scheduler, you can choose a time frame for posting content. Also, you can set the number of posts to be published on your site in a day and the duration to wait between each post. This can help keep things fresh and evergreen in your blog. Customizing your own time frame, the number of posts per day, the duration between posts has never been better before.

– YouTube Feed Importer

RSS Masher also sources content from YouTube. If you come across a YouTube channel that posts informative videos that suit your niche, you can convert it to an RSS feed. Every time new content is posted on the channel, this feature creates video auto-blogs that you can use to drive traffic to your website.

– Featured image swaps

Using images that you don’t have rights for can get your site penalized, which is why RSS Masher is offering an auto swap or insert images feature whereby it inserts your images into the curated content shared on your site. You can get images from searchable platforms such as Pixabay and Google Image Search.

– Simplified code extraction

This software also enables you to remove or replace sections of articles with your preferred text. In other words, you can customize and manipulate the content to make it unique.

– Google Sheets to RSS Feed

Maybe you have found content that is valuable and relevant to your audience, but it is on a platform that doesn’t have an RSS Feed. RSS Masher has Google Sheet templates that you can easily fill with content. After filling the rows with content, this technology will auto-include it as though it obtained it from an RSS Feed.

– Custom HTML Tokens:

RSS macher allows you to create your very own pieces of reusable codes as custom tokens. The system also automatically does the updates wherever the token resides.

– Built-In RSS Niches:

This software contains over 48 pre-built Niches with almost 300 RSS feeds. So you don’t have to waste a breath in finding your first feed.

– Spin rewriter

To enable you to create unique content that you can post on your site, RSS Masher provides a Spin Re-Writer system that allows you to spin articles. You can have readable, unique articles with just a few clicks. Almost the whole RSS Masher software has sections of the spin text-enabled tab which facilitates you to create unique content articles.

– Powerful Keyword Filtering:

Enter positive and negative keywords for the system to work against, allowing you to perfectly niche down on any RSS Feed used.

– Zapier Webhooks:

Nothing is hidden from zapier and integromat webhooks. You can extract articles where you can think of the only limitation is your own imagination.

If your thinking of mastering content marketing then RSS Masher Technology is the best option available out there.

Within an hour after setting RSS Masher, this software delivers you with a steady fresh, evergreen stream of famous news feed articles in your own uniques text with countless other favourable sharing features. You will be thrilled to see rushed traffic on your blog.

RSS MASHER TECHNOLOGY is a one-man army software. Things that are done by the number of team members can now be done by only using RSS Masher technology.

Get it today and start benefiting from this revolutionary software. RSS Mashed Technology is the ultimate answer to many questions like:

      • How can you save your time and money with it?
      • How quickly this software can find content that people actually want to read?
      • How to integrate two of the most powerful marketing automation tools into the software to 10X your results?

What Is Included In the Packaging?

Want to be a pro at blogging. RSS Masher Technology team is offering different training courses at different prices. You can get one according to your need and budget.

Once you purchase RSS Masher, you will get access to the main software- RSS Masher, which you will use to generate content and backlinks for your site.

In addition to this, you will also get the following
6 Weeks training series
In addition to the RSS Masher tool, you also get a 6-weeks training series that teaches you more about content marketing.

Here are just but a few things you will find covered in this training series;

  • How you can eliminate the need to create content from scratch regularly. In other words, you will be taught how to set an auto-blog
  • How to launch a news site from scratch without having to manually create content for it
  • How to quickly find great RSS Feeds that have content your target audience will find valuable and relevant
  • How to use RSS Masher to schedule posts so that your site can have new and fresh content any time
  • The automation tools you can use to get better results from your online sites
  • How to spot keywords that will increase search traffic. You will learn new blog ideas
  • Backlinking strategies that will propel your website to the top of search engine rankings
  • The secret to keyword links

There are many great secrets of content creation, backlink creation, and automation that you will learn in this training series.

Bonus 1 – Perfect Buyer Blueprint

This is a training course that runs for 8 weeks. It teaches you how to create a buyer-oriented website as well as a sales funnel.
After you are done with this course, you will not only have the knowledge you can apply in creating your websites, but also one you can commercialize.

Bonus 2 – RSS Pro Mastermind Training

This course will teach you how to take advantage of RSSMasher Technology. You will learn more about identifying RSS feeds, how to maximize conversions, social posting tips, and much more.

Bonus 3 – Facebook Takeoff Strategies

This is another great course that will equip you with knowledge on how to take advantage of the massive audience on Facebook. You will be taught strategies to use to get your Facebook audience to enter your lead funnels.
Also, you will be taught how to make proven-to-convert funnel systems. The good thing about this course is that it is straight to the point and thus not detailed.

Bonus 4 – RSS Pro Mastermind Training

This course will teach you how to create professional-looking ads using low-cost and free tools. You will learn how to find viral ads and create similar ones. Also, this course will teach you how to use clickbait with image ads, how to make professional-looking logos, how to create video ads, and much more.

Bonus 5 – Pro Tips on How to Buy and Sell Domain Names

This is a mini-course with 5 lessons on how to find and buy domain names. The course will cover more about what makes a domain name valuable, where to find high-value domain names, tools to use when searching domain names, how to make a profit through flipping domain names, and best places to sell domain names.

In other words, this course will teach you additional ways of earning money by selling domain names.

Price Evaluation of RSS Masher Technology:

RSS Masher Technology has both monthly and annual pricing plans for its customers. You can choose whichever fulfils your requirements.

Standard Pricing:

Let’s talk about its standard pricing. If you subscribe to the standard version of RSS Mashertechnology then you will get access to the following services for $19/month:

      • Autopost to 2 WP sites
      • 10 Active Rss Mashes
      • 2 social accounts
      • Money Hooks
      • Image Swaps
      • External Content

You can also get 30% off with an annual license.

Professional Pricing:

This RSS Masher Technology is available for $33/month with the following distinguished services:

      • Auto-post to 10 WP sites
      • 50 Active RSS Mashes
      • 10 Social Accounts
      • Money Hooks
      • Image Swaps
      • External Content
      • Gsheets to RSS

Saves up to 30% on an annual license.

Agency Pricing:

RSS Masher Technology will cost you $65/month with outstanding big bundle services:

      • Autopost to 100 WP sites
      • 250 Active RSS Mashes
      • 100+ social accounts
      • Money hooks
      • Image swaps
      • External content
      • Gsheets to RSS
      • Template Scrapping

With annual license saves up to 33%

Without a question asked 14-day money-back guarantee:

It’s not possible but still if due to any reason you don’t want this software anymore, you can always cancel your subscription by sending an email to the RSS Masher Technology Team.

Frequently Asked Questions about RSSMasher Technology

What Exactly Is RSSMasher Technology?

This is a cloud-based software that curates content from RSS Feeds and then posts it to your sites and social platform accounts at the scheduled time that you set. In other words, this software takes care of your content creation and posting needs.

What can you do with RSSMasher Technology?

This software is meant to help you curate content from top RSS feeds and post it to your website and social accounts. Therefore, you can use this software to grow your site visitors and increase sales by having it post content that educates and inform your site visitors. This way, they will trust your recommendations.

Can RSSMasher help me create an RSS feed from a Google sheet?

Yes. This tool can help you convert a Google Sheet into an RSS feed where you can add links, images, and money-generating links.

How is this different from WordPress plugins that are designed to do RSS auto-posting?

Well, for one, RSSMasher is not a WP plugin. Two, it is cloud-based software, which means that there is nothing to download and install.
With RSSMasher, you can schedule when you want this software to post content to your social accounts or website.

How can I access my RSSMasher dashboard after purchasing this software?

After you purchase RSSMasher, you are sent two emails. One is for enabling you to log in to your dashboard, while the other one is for enabling you to access the training course and bonuses. The two emails are sent 10-15 minutes after you purchase the software.

Must I have a WordPress site to use this software?

No. You can purchase this software to use it for commercial purposes, whereby you add your client’s WordPress sites. Also, you can use the software to create content for your social media accounts.

RSS Masher Review Conclusion

We can all agree to the fact that content is king. However, generating quality, relevant content consistently is something many marketers struggle with, and this is the challenge RSS Masher comes to address. This software makes it easier for one to create and publish quality content on your WordPress sites and social media platforms.
If you are an online marketer and want to dominate your niche, this is the software you need. RSS Masher will help you meet your content needs. We can also recommend it to people who are targeting multiple niches.

RSS Masher Technology incredible flexibility, the broadcast spectrum of function, backlinking mechanism makes it the best auto blogging software ever developed. This is the 2020 tool for blogging. The only thing you all could wish is that you knew about this software sooner.

With RSS masher continuous constant updates it will be worth your investment. Its support team is active and responsive. They never leave any of the customers struggling with anything.

RSS masher should be in your SEO tool cart for rankings. Loaded with amazing powerful tools that are not available in any other software all dressed up in a simple, easy-to-use interface. This software was solely designed for active bloggers and content writers. Who spends a lot of effort and precious time in building their blogs and sharing data on various social media platforms.

In this era of technology, you need viral advertising for your business. In a few clicks, this software curates viral and engaging articles for your blog

It presents endless possibilities for unifying your content. RSS Masher Technology helps you write expert content that attracts visitors like a magnet.

Good customer support is rare these days but RSS Masher Technology has definitely beat the odds. The creator of this software himself is always available for helping out others in any situation like a rescue ranger.

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