M2 Monsters

M2 Monsters knows how to protect their brand by locking out and claiming all the digital assets they need in order to successfully launch their NFT project. Controlling the messaging and communications is extremely important when starting a new Web 3.0 project. At DigitalProfilers.com we have proactively helped them to control their brand messaging so that a buffer is built between potentially negative M2 Monsters reviews and M2 Monsters scam sites.

M2 Monsters Social Branding

It’s important to claim the highest authority social networks under your brand name so that others can’t claim them and hijack the Google traffic that flows through the internet for your NFT project.

Examples of Social Networks to Claim

Facebook News Wall

Create a Facebook and Instagram News Feed from Twitter Posts

Additional Domain Locking

Make sure to claim your brand domains. Examples can be additional domain extensions and potential keywords that are searched such as scam, reviews, or news. Here are a few examples below.

M2 Monsters Social Media