Review 2023 – Legit or Scam?

Gold and silver have been considered valuable assets for centuries, and their worth has only increased with time. As a result, investing in precious metals like gold and silver has become increasingly popular over the years. However, investing in these metals can be challenging for those who are new to the field. That’s where websites like come in. is a website that offers precious metal investment services to its customers. One of the most notable features of this website is its free gold kit. The free gold kit is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about investing in gold and silver.

The kit includes a DVD, a book, and other materials that provide valuable information about precious metals investing. It also contains information about the history of gold and silver, as well as their current market trends. By offering this free resource, demonstrates its commitment to educating its customers and helping them make informed investment decisions.

Investing in precious metals can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. The free gold kit offered by helps mitigate that risk by providing potential investors with valuable information about the market. This knowledge can help investors make informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling precious metals.

About and Company Info is a well-known online precious metals dealer that specializes in selling gold and silver bullion coins and bars. The company was founded by Mike Maloney, a renowned precious metals advisor, author, and speaker who has been in the industry for over two decades. is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, and has been in operation since 2005.

One of the unique aspects of is its partnership with GoldStar Trust Company, a subsidiary of Happy State Bank. This partnership provides customers with secure and efficient storage options for their precious metals investments. The company offers various storage options such as segregated storage or allocated storage. offers a wide range of products to its customers. Customers can purchase gold and silver coins from various countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, China etc., as well as bars from reputable mints such as PAMP Suisse and the Royal Canadian Mint. The company also provides educational resources for investors looking to learn more about the benefits of investing in precious metals.

The website itself is user-friendly with easy navigation to find what you are looking for quickly. They have an extensive selection of products listed on their website with detailed descriptions that provide all necessary information about each product including weight, purity level etc. offers competitive prices compared to other online dealers such as Apmex. They also offer volume discounts on larger orders which makes it an attractive option for investors who want to purchase large quantities of precious metals at once.

One thing that sets apart from other online dealers is their commitment to customer service. They have a dedicated team available via phone or email to answer any questions or concerns customers may have regarding their purchases or account information.

In addition to excellent customer service, they also offer fast shipping times within the US which adds another layer of convenience for customers who need their orders delivered quickly. has an excellent reputation in the industry, with many positive reviews from satisfied customers. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2011 and currently hold an A+ rating.

Contact Information and Precious Metals IRA Info

Investing in precious metals through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be a wise decision for those who want to diversify their portfolio and protect their assets. is one of the leading companies that offer custodial services for precious metals IRAs. In this section, we will discuss how you can contact for IRA-related inquiries and transactions, as well as the rules and regulations that govern precious metals IRAs.

IRA Custodian: Strata Trust Company partners with Strata Trust Company as its IRA custodian. Strata Trust Company is a reputable financial institution that specializes in self-directed IRAs. As an IRA custodian, Strata Trust Company holds the assets on behalf of the account owner and ensures compliance with IRS regulations.

Wire Transfers for Funding Your IRA

Customers can fund their precious metals IRAs through wire transfers. Wire transfers are a secure way to transfer funds electronically from one bank account to another. To initiate a wire transfer, customers need to provide their bank with’s wire transfer instructions. Once the funds are received by Strata Trust Company, they will be deposited into the customer’s IRA account.

Directed IRAs also offers directed IRAs, which allow customers to choose their own investments. With directed IRAs, customers have more control over their investments compared to traditional custodial accounts where the custodian makes investment decisions on behalf of the account owner. Directed IRAs are subject to certain rules and regulations set forth by the IRS.

Precious Metals IRA Rules and Regulations

Investing in precious metals through an IRA is subject to specific rules and regulations set forth by the IRS. For example, there are limits on how much you can contribute annually to your IRA account, as well as restrictions on when you can withdraw funds without penalty. Additionally, there are specific requirements regarding which types of precious metals are eligible for IRA investment. provides information on precious metals IRA rules and regulations on its website. The company’s dedicated IRA section includes resources such as FAQs, articles, and videos that can help customers understand the ins and outs of investing in precious metals through an IRA.

Contacting for IRA-Related Inquiries

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your precious metals IRA account with, you can contact their customer support team via phone or email. The company’s customer support hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Alternatively, customers can submit a support ticket through the company’s website.

Selling Precious Metals and Precious Metals IRA Info

Precious metals have long been considered a safe haven investment, and for good reason. These metals, including gold and silver, have intrinsic value that is not tied to any government or financial institution. As such, they can provide protection against inflation and economic uncertainty.

One reputable precious metals dealer that offers a wide range of investment options is This company provides investors with the opportunity to purchase gold bars, gold coins, silver coins, and even gold jewelry. In addition to selling these precious metals products, also offers information on precious metals IRA accounts.

A precious metals IRA account allows investors to hold physical precious metals in a tax-advantaged retirement account. This type of account can be an attractive option for those who are looking to diversify their portfolios and protect against economic uncertainty. With a precious metals IRA account, investors can hold assets that are not subject to the same market fluctuations as traditional stocks and bonds.

There are many factors to consider. One important consideration is choosing the right precious metals dealer. It’s important to look for a company with a strong reputation for transparency and customer service. has earned a reputation as one of the top precious metal dealers in the industry. The company has been in business since 2005 and has served over 100,000 customers worldwide. prides itself on offering transparent pricing and excellent customer service.

In addition to selling precious metal products, also offers vault storage options for customers who want to keep their investments secure. Vault storage can be an attractive option for those who do not want to store their investments at home or in a bank safety deposit box.

Investing in precious metals requires careful consideration and research. It’s important to understand the risks involved with any investment before making a decision. However, when done properly, investing in precious metals can be an effective way to diversify a portfolio and protect against economic uncertainty.

Precious metals investment companies like can provide investors with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about their investments. These companies can help investors navigate the complex world of precious metals investing and provide guidance on how to build a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Allegations of Misleading Sales Tactics has been the subject of numerous allegations of misleading sales tactics. Many investors have accused the company of using high-pressure sales tactics to convince them to invest in gold and silver without fully disclosing all the risks involved.

Scam Accusations Against’s Investment Offerings

Some investors have gone as far as accusing of being a scam. They claim that the company’s investment offerings are not what they seem, and that investors are being misled into thinking they will make huge profits when in reality, they may end up losing money.

High Fees Charged by for Account Holdings

Another issue that has been raised by some investors is the high fees charged by for account holdings. These fees can add up quickly, especially if an investor holds a large amount of gold or silver with the company.

Concerns Over the Trustworthiness of as a Company

There are also concerns over the trustworthiness of as a company. Some investors worry that the company may not be completely transparent about its business practices and financial situation.

Tax Implications of Investing in Gold and Silver Through

Investing in gold and silver through can also have tax implications. Investors need to be aware of these implications before making any investments, as failing to do so could result in unexpected tax bills down the line.

Difficulty in Selling Gold and Silver Ounces Purchased from

Another issue that some investors have faced is difficulty selling gold and silver ounces purchased from This can be frustrating for those who need to sell their precious metals quickly due to changing financial circumstances.

Limitations on Using for IRA Investments

Investors who want to use their IRA funds to invest in gold or silver through may face limitations. The company only allows certain types of IRA accounts to be used for precious metals investments, which can be a barrier for some investors.

Debt and Financial Risks Associated with Investing in Gold and Silver Through

Investing in gold and silver through also comes with debt and financial risks. Investors need to carefully consider these risks before making any investments, as they could end up losing money if the markets don’t perform as expected.

Criticisms of Mike Maloney’s Work and Influence on’s Investment Decisions

Mike Maloney is a well-known figure in the world of precious metals investing, but his work and influence on’s investment decisions have been criticized by some investors. Some claim that Maloney’s predictions about the markets are overly optimistic, while others worry that his influence may lead the company to make risky investment decisions.

Issues with Shipping and Delivery of Gold and Silver Purchases from

Finally, there have been issues with shipping and delivery of gold and silver purchases from Some investors have reported delays or lost shipments, which can be frustrating when dealing with such valuable assets.

Low-Cost Bullion Products vs. High-Profit Commission-Driven Products

Investing in bullion products is a popular choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolio and protect against inflation. However, there are two options available: low-cost bullion products and high-profit commission-driven products. In this section, we will discuss the differences between these two options and why investing in low-cost bullion products may offer better value for money compared to high-profit commission-driven products.

Low-Cost Bullion Products Offer Better Value for Money

Low-cost bullion products such as silver coins and bars are an affordable way to invest in precious metals. These products are priced close to the spot price of the metal they contain, which means that investors can purchase them at a fair market value without paying any additional fees or commissions.

On the other hand, high-profit commission-driven products such as rare coins or numismatics come with hefty premiums that can significantly increase the cost of investment. These premiums are charged by dealers who claim that these rare coins have historical significance or collector’s value. However, most of these claims are subjective and not backed by any tangible evidence.

Silver Bullion Products Are a Popular Choice

Silver bullion is one of the most popular choices among investors due to its affordability and liquidity. Silver bullion coins such as American Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs are widely recognized and accepted by dealers worldwide, making them easy to sell when needed.

The Spot Price of Bullion Is Crucial

The spot price of bullion is a crucial factor in determining the value of bullion coins and bars. The spot price represents the current market value of precious metals per ounce at any given time. Investors should always check the spot price before purchasing any bullion product to ensure that they are getting a fair deal.

Commission-Driven Products May Come with Hidden Fees

High-profit commission-driven products may come with hidden fees and charges that can eat into an investor’s profits. For example, dealers may charge a premium for storing these products in their vaults or for grading them by third-party grading services. These fees can add up quickly and significantly reduce the overall return on investment.

Equity Trust Investments Offer Higher Potential Returns but Come with Higher Risks

Investing in equity trust investments such as stocks or mutual funds may offer higher potential returns compared to investing in physical bullion. However, these investments also come with higher risks due to market volatility and economic uncertainty.

Investing in Low-Cost Bullion Products Allows Investors to Own Tangible Assets

One of the main advantages of investing in low-cost bullion products is that investors own tangible assets that can be easily liquidated for dollars in times of economic uncertainty. Unlike equity trust investments, which are subject to market fluctuations, bullion products retain their value over time and provide a stable source of wealth preservation.

Active Buyers’ Preference for Receiving Purchased Products

Active buyers have certain preferences that they look for in a seller. These preferences can range from free shipping to multiple payment options and fast delivery. In this section, we will discuss some of the top preferences of active buyers when it comes to receiving their purchased products.

Free Shipping

One of the most significant factors that influence an active buyer’s decision when placing an order is free shipping. Majority of customers prefer not having to pay extra fees for shipping their orders. This preference has become so prevalent that many sellers now offer free shipping as a standard option on their website.

Multiple Payment Options

Another preference of active buyers is having multiple payment options to choose from when making a purchase. Customers appreciate being able to select a payment method that suits their needs and preferences best. Some popular payment options include credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and more.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Fast and reliable delivery is also a top priority for customers when placing orders online. Active buyers want their purchased items delivered quickly and efficiently without any delays or issues. They expect the seller to provide accurate tracking information so they can monitor the shipment’s progress until it arrives at its destination.

Storage Options

Some customers prefer storage options for their purchased items, such as segregated storage. Segregated storage means storing your precious metals separately from other customers’ holdings in a secure vault within the same facility. This option provides added security and peace of mind for those who want extra protection for their investments. Offers Various Storage Options offers various storage options for customers looking to store their precious metals securely. One such option is segregated storage with an initial deposit fee based on the value of your holdings. This option provides additional security measures by storing your precious metals separately from other people’s holdings.

Competitive Pricing

Lastly, competitive pricing is a crucial factor for customers when deciding where to place an order. Active buyers want to get the best value for their money and will often compare prices across different sellers before making a final decision.

Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints from Customers and BBB

Positive customer reviews and ratings are crucial for any business to thrive in today’s digital age. With the rise of online shopping, customers rely heavily on reviews and ratings from other people to make informed decisions about where to spend their money. This is especially true for the precious metals industry, where trust and reliability are paramount., a leading online retailer of gold and silver bullion, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from its customers. The company boasts a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot based on over 1,500 customer reviews. This high rating is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing excellent service and quality products.

In addition to its impressive Trustpilot rating, has also earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This prestigious rating indicates that has demonstrated a high level of customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

Many customers have reported positive experiences with’s customer service and support. They cite helpful and knowledgeable staff who go above and beyond to ensure that their needs are met. These positive interactions have helped build trust between and its customers.

However, despite these positive reviews, there have been some complaints from customers regarding delayed shipments or issues with the quality of bars received. While these complaints are not uncommon in the precious metals industry, they can still be frustrating for customers who expect timely delivery and high-quality products.

Despite these occasional hiccups, has generally received glowing reviews from its customers. Many praise the company’s transparency when it comes to pricing and product information. Customers appreciate being able to see real-time market prices for gold and silver on the company’s website. also offers competitive pricing compared to other online retailers in the precious metals industry. This is important because many people invest in gold or silver as a way to protect their wealth during times of economic uncertainty or inflation.

One company that has received consistently positive reviews on Sitejabber is GoldSilver has a rating of 2.67 stars from 6 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. GoldSilver ranks 60th among Gold sites.

The reviews on Sitejabber for mention the company’s excellent customer service and high-quality products. Customers appreciate the fast shipping times and secure packaging, which ensures that their precious metals arrive in pristine condition.

Some reviewers also mention their positive experiences with Brinks Global Services, the company uses for shipping and handling. This attention to detail shows that takes every aspect of its business seriously, from product quality to customer satisfaction.

Conclusion for Review and the Points Above

In conclusion, is a reputable precious metals dealer that has been in business for over a decade. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including precious metals IRAs, low-cost bullion products, and high-profit commission-driven products. While there have been some allegations of misleading sales tactics, the majority of customers report excellent experiences with the company.

One area where stands out is its commitment to customer service. The company provides multiple channels for customers to contact them, including phone, email, and live chat. Additionally, they offer educational resources on their website to help customers make informed decisions about their investments.

Active buyers also appreciate’s preference for shipping purchased products quickly. This ensures that customers receive their orders in a timely manner without any unnecessary delays.

Reviews and ratings from customers are generally positive on sites like Trustpilot and BBB. However, it is worth noting that there have been some complaints about delayed shipments or issues with product quality.